Nothing grows without water.

I've just realized a thing.
As a human, good things are better happened consciously. It helps us to memorize them all, and restore them in our heart rather than only in the cerebrum. I've just noticed today..
I was having lunch with a boy friend (see that space please) in a very cute place. Both of us weren't born at Malang, we never walked down the town - but today, at a very hungry afternoon, we decided to look for some daymeals around and chap! We found more than we expected before; a very comfort, cute, and mood-boosting small cafe. Two plates of batagor (Indonesian chips) simply made our day. The books. The view. The discussion. It simply fit me.
Afterlunch we got to wait the others. Under the drizzle. Two kids in scout uniform.

But the matter was.. if only it happened with that special one inside, it should has been my best day ever, the romantic one. But it's not.
I just find out that, the way we feel upon a story would never change it become a memory, unless we treat them so. We have that filter in our subconscious part of our brain which is connected to our heart to reflectively  decide whether it's romantic or not.
Memory needs your butterfly in your stomach, while an ordinary story needs time to be memorized.
Back to the day while seeing my puppy-love walked across the road in front of me. That morning when it was only me and someone, talked along under the rain. That feeling when my crush texted me a slice of 'Good morning', while now that is never enough. Haha.

From my seat beside the window tonight,

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