Things went wrong lately.

I need to know. Whether it's too cold or hot. I need to know how does it feel to touch my forehead with another hand. I couldn't read even a complete paragraph and it's worst than everything.

I need to know.

I need to know why it feels wrong.

Today I went downtown. Actually it had to be four, but only me trapped inside. No travello,  mostly late. Bad.
God saved me as always, I got a blue-vello. I was an addition there, and all the men sat like there was an earthquake. Rad.

Alone again, lonely at MOG, bought this and that one. Having lunch at my favorite resto + its greatest menu; Kwetiauw Ayam Siram. Gosh, I've died hard to taste this for a whole month, and I had to do that with a very.. desperate face. I didn't think I would tell you why.

It was raining cats and dogs, my youngest cousin said. I went upstairs again only for buying an umbrella. The old-fashioned one. Waiting in a line to cashier. And found a sunny sky after touching the gate.
These are my amazing-look directly after done em all. 
Ouch. It doesn't fit anything.

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