[8 months later]

Monday, May 13th 2013
Dear Sav,
Wait. It's really weird to say a slice of Hi to yourself. I know, I am a seriously-bad-penpal and even you read my letter which, later, I (myself) am the authorized one who will send and receive this phone.
Okay, since it's took 10 minutes to write the opening and 8 months to be re-red. No need time wasting! Let us, let us enjoy this reality show.

Saveera, it's been about 17 years we are One. Look at the sky, it cheers you up. You're grown, and still grow up. You've done this things your friends call as crush, dating, heartbroken, PMS, highschools and its dramas, homeworks, LDR, even loan thingy (no offense) and a moviescene-like days. How's been? Time flies, you should nearly have done, shouldn't you? Uh oh, stop right there. We need to talk. Coffee?
Saveera, you're amazing. Even when you're not, you remind me to our long way, how long it takes to walk with our own feet, remind me to our shoes collection that has been perforated, that can never stop us. Highschool and dormitory, kidding me? I have seen you in your worst, those times when you're tired and wacky, so ridiculous eh? You were crying out loud at this things we are now laughing for. You've moaned to something which you thank God it never happens afterwards. You've stumbled, fallen, twice, hundred times, but you woke up, and started to look forward, and walked. Those times when you chose to sit and repose, rewind your faults and begin to blame yourself. We felt stupid, stressed, and desperate. Those times when nobody came along to give us their arms. Those time when they broke our trust by talking behind our back. Those times when our hope broken. Time when you thought your heart's been decayed and can't be the same, God takes yours and fix it by the people around you. Chins up dear, and the sun rises to make your day.
You may think you're alone, but at the moment somebody will come along and repair it for you. They're called family. You may think you're the worst, but at the time, other people out there feel as bad even worse than you. You need a pause somehow. Inhale, stop being too strong to be the one who always looks up, exhale, looks down, Sav. And be grateful.

No one is as lucky as us. Y'know? It's weird sometimes to be you, but I love you. Don't worry, we'll be fine. Let's overlap this line. We'll be the one of them, the greatest ones, trust me. Invite your friends! We'll have some fun. Amen.

..And now I've got a feeling if I sang this loud enough, you would sing it back to me... :) -From your favorite song


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