i know this weekend will be better than the last

TIME FLIES! IT LIES! I'm almost called as the eldest. I'm almost dead. No. I'm kidding.

Am I ready? Are we ready?

I should learn to behave, learn to obey the manner albeit when break the rules. Ups.
Being yourself doesn't mean you have to lose your manner. I have tasted the sense of being the hipster that allowed my own rules to make the term "dare to be different and real" happened. It used to sound fun; but it sounds creepy now. Since I've grown, I realize, there's something needs to be revised. My perspective, it should grow up.

As a teenager, I ever thought that my mom is boring and she needs some modern touch. Maybe it's too conservative and I can't be my own self. Some of my friends were uncool. My seniors are mean, they should understand my problems and so on. It's ok, it's a part of growing up. By the time I'll be landing on 12 Grade's Ageport..... it must be inverted.

Maturation means dealing with the emotional control. If I can't respect them, then why so they? If I say you're a dumb, am not I? Holla, it needs to be equal and fit. I should put myself to the certain conditions, which one needs the well-attitude, which one needs the free-sayings.. (even the last mentioned have to be considered to the other's feeling). You're not the god.

And so far, I disobey what I've said above.

School. Class, homework, and friendship. This year isn't easy, but one year ahead should not be easier. I have to focus and use my camera perspective, shoot with the right mode, in the right point. Then I will get the masterpiece as I want it to be seen, as it becomes memory, and framed to inspire others.

Get ready, Get set, and Go :)

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