A Chackle.

Some weeks ago, I had some chatters with Pangestu in the travello. We were on our way going back to dormitory when this topic happened.

Try to look around. Cars, motorcycles, and exhausts mill everywhere. For about 94,2 million of motor vehicles exist in this country. Everyone seems glad to own a motorcycle, even people buys a new car everyday. Yet when you think yours is outdated. You sell it, then buy the newest one.  The demand rises, and so does the supply. Who supplies? Who's being broken and rotten?

Is it a dregs land or what..?

But who cares. Everybody is proud to ride their own cars. It's kinda.. the confidence and prestige which induces all the people to cause this traffic. Well, self-regard makes you no longer rich, dudes. Look, who's poor now. Look who pays more for the fuel which has been produced by..o-oh.
It runs this way; you produce, you sell, it's reproduced, you buy much more expensive, you keep consuming (for you prestiges), it makes you more and more damaged, then you die with it.

C'mon, use your feet. With 302,908,880 feet, how dare a hundred million exhausts are still used here?! Dear a family whom mom, dad, son, daughter, and grandpa has their own car, please look away to where all of your trashes come. Their numbers are so much far below us, but they looks younger, healthier, even richer. Their governments are much more concerned on how make the public transports work. Indeed, they could gain more income. Of course, it would be back on the country then. They really manage the cycles, not only damage them.

..I'll stop the whole world
From turning into a monster, eating us alive
Don't you ever wonder, how we survive?
Well, now that you're gone, the world is ours....

When is it going to be really ours?


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