Kingkong Returns.

Been currently busy with this thing :

There are still 5 projects remaining in my big rock list:
- SAYC (Sampoerna Academy Youth Conference)
- Career Day
- XII Grade's Graduation
- XI Grade's Final Exam
- Spectrum of Art

Kingkong is my team's brand for SAYC project : Enterpreneurship.
Actually it is abbreviation for kulit singkong (read: cassava peel), because it would be the main materials of our product, nugget!

Right, I'll make you clear what is SAYC itself. It is a competition for the 3rd batch of Sampoerna Academy (I don't know whether other city's doing so). There are 4 divisions for every house: Science, Enterpreneur, Environment, and Community Service. Me with 3 others of Manta ray are incorporated to deal with The Enterpreneuship. Yes, there were about 36 teams trying to create and develop their brilliant ideas in forming their own proposal.
By the next month, half of the teams were announced to go ahead and make theirs real. Since that day, my team keeps trying to spin our cases and ideas, it's very hard tho, with all other projects are handed. Even so, we could produce our Kingkong in samples, then tried spread the questionnaires around the dorm :) Thank you all! Hope we can make it real and produce more for you! Hope you like it still, and wish everything's gonna be fine...

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