Just Pick Yourself Up and Sing!

   Life is just a Bowl of Cherries, sometimes it's afraid filled with worries..
   Don't be afraid, when things go wrong, just be strong..

   When thing seems up in the air, and everything is so unfair,
   and you stumble and fall..!
   Just pick yourself up and sing.............
   If one day you lose your way, just remember one thing, My Friend.
   When you're under a cloud, just visit music and sing.............
   If one day you lose your way, just remember that I'm here to stay!

   Don't you give up..! Keep your chin up,

   ..and be happy!

You know how mess I'd been. I lose some of my parts, and these some parts have taught me to grow up! :)) *blowing bugles*

Ya.. since I puked em outta my life, I became a greedy horrible godzilla which is ready to eat everyone.
Thanks, God, that godzilla has gone. I'm back.

Look at my bed, look inside my closet, look at my room, even my laptop.. It's been cleaned up! Yes of course, I heal myself. I fix those missing parts, and I'm repaired :D
Prayer, saying thanks, saying sorry, forgiving, and helping others are a serious small things called Medicine, buddies, ..and Music. Never, ever, underestimate this one thing. Sing, smile with the song, turn up your spirit, feel your soul, heal the emotion, and forget the pains. God has given us the music to make the world knows they're lucky!

Bahasa Drama has done! Honestly, it was the most simple drama of Ecsotic, simple decoration, simple plot, simple script. Look at us... (but i tell you; don't look at me + click for the original size)
The Crews aftershow :)

Oh, I also wanted to say a big fat thanks for Ms. Dyah, our beloved, beautiful soon-to-be-teacher :')
Thank you Miss, and keep shining. Stay lovable, stay calm, and strong! Our prayers are with you, promise us you'll be a great teacher!

NB. If only you could e there, come and watch our Bahasa Drama, it was also specially presented for you :(
Well, without losing my respect, I don't know what I've done there at your class Ms., but you're totally not true about me. No, I'm not that cruel..., really, hiks. I don't know why you put that comment but I never waited your end of lesson. Although I was looked apathetic, I've always paid anything upon yours, and surely, thanks for the score. I can't even believe; with your appraisal at me, you still screw that ink on mine. So please read it slowly Ms., you - are - great. :') and sorry for making you curious---I'm still wondering at the way you called my name and took seconds to stare at my eyes. What is it you've been looking for Ms.? Maybe it's an admiration, it's all yours :D  Good luck, Teachers! May the success be with y'all! Hati-hati semuanya, selamat sampai Jakarta... Much loves xoxoxo...

"..and I'll wave goodbye, watching you shine bright... and I'll wave goodbye, tonight..."

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