Me.. me.. me...

1. Some people call me Poise, some of them only see me as a dumb. Really, I'm just an introvert.
2. Dangerous and Sweet. Half cat/half tiger. Sometimes I forget that I'm a girl.
3. Gimme Winehouse or Paramore and see the real me! ;)
4. Imma sci-fi lover
5. I can doodle all over your wall if you allow me to do so. Don't worry about the result.
6. I was a vocalist, and lead guitarist.
7. I'm suck at makeups.
8. Can be oversharp sometimes. Hot, and spicy.
9. An advanced weirdo.
10. I used to get score under 5 for English when I was in 5 grade.
11. I was an olymp-geek.
12. I hate taking people a narcissist/aware shoot, actually.
13. A coffeaddict.
14. A choleric yet melancholic person, with a party girl/rock n roll sense maybe. I used to think that I'm a sanguine. But it's only another homosocial sense--everyone did so.
15. I have experienced a cheerleading.
16. I'm not a talent. Mom once wanted to put me in to a Modelling school and I know she might be true :p
17. I've tasted LDR twice.
18. TALK NERD TO ME!!!!!
19. I took two times kindergaten-hood. I was B grade in my first kindergaten when Mom and Pop brought me to another kindergaten where I had to repeat from playgroups.
20. I was born in 96 but, officially written as 97.
21. I have tasted acceleration class in Grade 2 until 4 in Surabaya.
22. I hate blood.
23. I hate clown.
24. I used to have Athazagoraphobia, I hate being alone, closely to fear, until on a bornfire ritual, I break it. Seriously, I can do many things by myself afterwards. Independent? I don't know. Some people say it's antisocial, but it's not. I still need everyone around. But not afraid about it.
25. I can tell you Harry Potter in detail.
26. I want to be skinnier.
27. I want to be a NatGeo or RollingStoneMagz part.
28. I have a bucketlist.
29. I am a pure bookworm. You produce what you consume; then I seriously love writing anything.
30. I firstly walked at 10 months old.
31. My first words are.. 'apu' for lampu (lamp) and 'apu-apu' for 'sapu-sapu' (sweeping).
32. I didn't consume the breastmilk.
33. I'm a bad listener :(
34. I hate Taylor Swift and Selena. I love Miley and Demi like xxxrazy.
35. I hate sport activity, even my boyfriend is a totally sporty.
36. I love stalking, and when I do, it can (and should) be the most detail result.
37. Some people say I have a very bad sense of humour. Bisa ngakak terhadap hal yang orang pikir gak lucu sama sekali sekali pun dan sebaliknya, dan please, let me explain. Some friends know what is it existed inside my brain. So I have a system (bukan kotak tertawanya spongebob, bukan, yah, semacamlah) that will give any additional effects upon my perspective of moments. Don't get it? It's ok.
38. I learn by visual.
39. Suck at numeral.
40. I really want a headset. Anytime I bought the new one, it was broken.
41. A Traveller wanna-be.
42. I don't know how to deal with a compliment.
43. Susah basa-basi.
44. I love to sit right by the windows side in the car/bus, especially when it passed on a leafy street. I love to look up and see the sunshine passes them. breezy..
45. I love to look down at the citylights. I always dream to stand behind the apartment window that is wiiideeeee... and.. got a good angle of viewpoint.
46. Wanna add something?

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