A Letter to June ♥

Hello June! This one thing I have to confess here was.. I'm totally wrong about growing up. I'm wrong that growing up sucks. I'm wrong that 17 is a bad idea. I'm wrong when I say I want to skip it. You know.. it just like.. when you're gonna do a free jump. You feel numb, you feel afraid, you think you would have never done that.. but.. I jumped. And I had a splendid view. At last I did it. Once in my life.

They presented me awesomely :

New hope and story. Good idea girls. They know I was craving of donnuts hehe and they celebrated it with them, donnuts! Another two, Puput and Dian also gave me beautiful celebration. They asked me to cook a homey food then we ate it on my favorite corner near the windows, seeing the sun sets and telling all the stories made behind. Well, I just woke up at June 4th finding some cute things left on my bed. Then I figured out one thing; I'm not a boneka-able person hihi! It's nice though, they're gonna keep me alive as I could spend my time by sketching & doodling around (thank you for Puput!), or writing some scratch for myself (thank you Levy!) ..I love butterfly, sometimes I think that a woman should be a butterfly, beautiful but not easy to catch. Thank you Mbak Ocha for the woodie calendar, her last given thing before she went away :') I love the tosca shoes up there! I know crocs is not me but the color keeps making me feel like I'm flying haha thank you Auntie! ...and, the special one, thank you dear you who has given me our framed hopes. Thank you for the evening, I was happy while I only saw you for hours. I really do love you Miracle :) And thanks for you all, thank for the prayers, thanks for the greetings, thanks for reminding me it's 17 now, no longer a kid, no longer standing by others' feet, it's my own feet now, as I have to be more prepared of the final numbers..

Well, my very last class-promotion exam is all done already! But there are still a loads of thing to do though.. Let me make the list:
1. Radio Asrama (i reject the demand to be the broadcaster -_-)
3. MC-ing tonight's event : Di Balik Frekuensi
4. Acoustic Night
5. Class Meeting
6. Photography Club's Proposal
7. Final Report!

Grow old up peepo!
Sav, 17, persisting in the nature selection.

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