sincerely, my last SPRING task :")

Hey. Actually, I didn't really mean to post this event, my senior's graduation. Last year, I also became the committee of this event, but it's really not the same. To be honest, there was no tears like a year ago, or it's not as overemotional as before.. and I still haven't posted it yet, though there were a lotta people requested. But this this time, I wanna write some things.

First of all, congratulation, 2nd Batch, Intake of 2010 - Class of 2013, you're officially graduated and called as Alumni :)

Second, let's fly upon that day.

The general rehearsal, flags deville, the choir, the speeches, the graduation ceremony, honor students, desiderata, the valedictorian! and the closing song... our hymne; Spread Our Wings. From here, I begin talking about mine on the next year. How is it going to be?
I told you it's not the same. I was, i mean the 3rd batch, who is going to be graduated next year and wearing uniforms, were facing the 2nd batch, who was being graduated, with the 1ST batch, without uniforms, who have been graduated last year, to sing that sacred song together. and.. *drum rolls* ..the next year???

Nope, less than a year, I'll be on that stage, wearing that toga, and seeing my beloved great alumni (IKASADHIRSA), without their uniforms sing in front of us, in a same rhyme, same melody, one harmony. The last ones, we're not lonely. We'll face this. Prepare your bullets and guns, we'll all in this together.

I told you it's no longer same. By this entry, I officially close SPRING. Thank you for Miss Diah and everyone who's being involved in this task, all readers and commentators. By this month, my 11 Grade is over. And by this week, I am older. So... June, you're gotta be mine.


  1. I hate it when we realize "time is so fast", but it looks like "it's cool to think of the final year's atmosphere"

  2. either it's too fast or too rush, either we're overexciting or sad, either time flies or it lies, one thing to be admitted: we grow. :))

  3. Ya. Can we stop growing lol, i think it's nice to be forever 16 :) and well, i love the pic of yellow people over there.

  4. see! can we just skip 17 lmao

    but, no offense pls, i still love seeing them in red :(

  5. oh, maybe next year will be purple's turn or somethin, it's such a refresh pod..
    mmm btw, Happy Birthday :) stay young !!

  6. hahaha purple? and i'm about to swallow em all hihi
    thank youuuuu! ∞ :))