hypothesis upon La La Land.

City of Stars
Start A Fire
Audition (The Fools Who Dream)

ok it's holiday, it's still holiday and it's been almost a week since the movie La La Land hit the cinemas. actually i've waited it from the beginning of 2016 (i always look for the year's upcoming movie-list and i found its title was scheduled for june 2016). then it's not. until i began to forget about it and, nearly the end of the year, so many people starts to talk about how good it is and it wins 7 nominations on golden freakin globes.

so tomorrow i will crack my bedface and leave my comfort zone to yogya, only to watch this movie (lmao why). for more than a week i am so used to watch its trailers like hundreds time--because i really enjoy the colors, the musics, the outfits, the dancing, everything.

i didnt expect this movie would gain this euphoria. but even 80 percent people in my homefeed starts to say that it was more than a movie like it was a magical show years of waiting. is it?

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