For A Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic.

one of the reason why i put the title that way (up) is because it was the song i used to sing on stages (read: yes on stages) with my cover-band back in junior high school.

i actually wanted to write this in line with my previous post about paramore, but i just feel it will look better as an independent entry, so here it is.

ok the time i began to type the title, my spotify playlist was playing when it rains. now it heads on let the flame begins. well let it does. anyway, it's funny how my heart literally (ok i will stop exaggerating) exploded after knowing zac officially reunites with paramore (as he and his bro left in 2010 followed by davis who left by the end of 2015, making hayley as the only original formers of the band). now with zac's homecoming, i as a diehard fan hope that paramore will find back its soul. and just in case they change their minds, for josh and jeremy to come back too. hehe.

this post is dedicated for the energy i gained during my adolescent and my true love for the band, paramore.

basically i have all of their albums and i can sing every single lyrics of every single song like a native, although i slightly have less excitement when it comes to their last album, the self-titled one. i bet i'm too used to listen to their songs when farros were in it but yea i still love em and sing it out loud. and when i sing theirs i sing with my whole heart, i jump, i close my eyes and shoot a high note, i also do headbangs even when nobody's around. mom knows it.

their song are just so nicely crafted (to be honest i will just say fuckin great instead but i need to watch my words now), i mean it was alternative rock, but still very enjoyable and easy-listening. the lyrics are very *not-excessively* poetic and deep and honest but still edgy. its frontman is female, has a strong character and yet so cute (too cute tho for a rock band) and has a very awesome hair. and its songs are very melodic yet energetic in the same way the drums never fails. i wrote on my gram yesterday:

so i was (ok this is confession) beyond happy when risang, my jhs band guitarist, texted me one afternoon, asking me to join the cover-band for festivals where they would perform paramore's songs. ok i love musics, my family is all about it but in our circle we usually go for classic or jazz and now i would hit the stage with alternatives and rocks stuff. now i tell u, i was very on fire that time because i'd been listening to riot! and all we know is falling (as brand new eyes was released in the same year) and of course i said yes.

there we began, i met dion and ata and we hit stage to stage singing paramore's songs (we still covered several other songs but it's mainly paramore songs). i remember we were still 8 graders that time and it's really amazing now to know i was able to cover my favorite band's songs at such a very young age. in my age now, whenever i see junior high students i always feel they're actually so small and young yknow. when i was in their level i always felt i was so grown up and seemed having my own choices and perspectives about the world but in fact i was not.

but i was 8 grader and i covered paramore stages-to-stages basis even i did headbangs several times and omg they are paramore, even this time i can listen to them and still am impressed with the musics and energy. and to imagine a small junior high school girl singing those songs on the stage is very surreal yet interesting.

now i'm proud of myself a little. lol

(and to be honest, kok sekarang aku jadi kangen ya. hehe. nyesel waktu itu udah nolak buat reunite the band. i wish they ask me again and i will say yes now.)

so this very time i will recall and bring back those nostalgic dramas. and i will rate 1 to 10 on each one to show you how strong the song became engaged to me. wkwk

the most frequent songs i used to cover on gigs with my band were: misery business, born for this, for a pessimist i'm pretty optimistic, crush crush crush and ignorance.

all we know is falling.
basically this album was really honest and did represent their emotional lives as juvenile. it's mainly about love and breakups but the musics are really great for their ages and their songs are just so genuinely epic for a debut level.
1. All We Know // 8,7. i listen to it everytime i was angry or upset about certain relationship
2. Pressure // 8,9. i used to dislike it until i listened to the acoustic version and began to really like it, even the original bandset one.
3. Emergency // 7,1. very dramatic i like it.
4. Brighter // 9,1. if you happen to breakup or split with your lover (or who you actually in love with but ended up unsaid or something) try to listen to this song. the tune and lyrics are just so true you cant handle but sing it deeply.
5. Here We Go Again // 7,5. cocok didengarkan saat bepergian.
6. Never Let This Go // 8,6. breakup? hard to fix the things but still happen to love each other? or again unsaid love? friendzone? listen to it.
7. Whoa // 8,3. it's good when it comes to the chorus.
8. Conspiracy // 8. dramatic one, pretty deep.
9. Franklin // 7,9. time to calm down a bit (i mean after those energetic drums and high notes)
10. My Heart // 9. i just loooooove the musics and lyrics as it was dedicated for their fans. but it's also a good song of a lover. i perhaps will sing it on my wedding day. or when my child's born someday.

in this albums each instrument becomes more complex and bolder as the themes widen the lyrics and mood of the songs. the lyrics are provocative and sometimes very personal yet interactive, somehow just feels like dialogues.
1. For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic // 9,5. because it's very heating up and i used to sing it from stages to stages :p but the musics is so good and complex and energetic and kinda very personal.
2. That's What You Get // 8,6. i dont know why i used to dislike this song while during high school, i didnt get it why every people really love this song bcs i tought the tempo and tunes are slightly monotone but now i like it anyway. i mean i love it and i dont know why i used to be questioning its goodness. he.
3. Hallelujah // 9,1. BECAUSE it's so gewd. especially the live one.
4. Misery Business // 9,8. i used to sing it on festivals too, one of the most frequent playlist. it's tune, it's tempo, it's indian-folk touch on the intro, the provocative lyrics and the quality of relief after singing the song takes it to a whole next level.
5. When It Rains // 9. it's good listening to the song when it rains. not as melancholic as other gloomy songs but it also can fit the mood.
6. Let the Flames Begin // 8,2. very energetic.
7. Miracle // 8.  the drums so gud.
8. Crushcrushcrush // 9,2. idk i feel cool while singing this song. the tunes and drums, and everything in this song just can make everyone feels cool wkwk. the lyrics tho.
9. We Are Broken // 7,9. very emotional.
10. Fences // 9,8. aaaah i loooove its melody and rhythms, and bass, and the turning points where everything is heating up, then cooling down again, then it'll reach climactic bridges and yea everything's so on point. 
11. Born for This // 9,8. i used to sing this one to on stages haha even it was the first song we performed. the song make you feel sexy when you sing it. not a lusty sexy but a powerful sexy.
12. Stop This Song // 9,8. i. just. loooove this song i can never stop it.
13. Rewind // 8. the rhythms so good. the lyrics too.

brand new eyes
brand new eyes is a proof that the band was getting mature to the musics and lyrical content. the songs are becomng more melodious and somehow not as wild as riot! but most of the songs are trippy and sound very personal, best story-telling song(s) all the altrock band fans can ask for.
1. Careful // 9,8. the musics is so genuine and dramatic and energetic. emotional, provocative and somehow very personal. one of the rock song a girl can perform beyond measure causing eargasmic feeling.
2. Ignorance // 9,9. THE LYRICS can be so provocative but also really interactive, u feel like talking to the person u accuse. the tempo, the rhythms, the drums, even the shouting, the melody itself. the climax. everything. bring u to a highest point of relief.
3. Playing God // 9,9. regarding the era where spiritual identity becomes very sensitive these days, this song is really, REALLY fit to the cases. the lyrics is very on point, it sums up everything i thought about people upon their spiritual things:

you don't have to believe me, but the way i, way i see it
next time you point a finger i might have to bend it back, or break it, break it off
next time you point a finger, i'll point you to the mirror
if god's the game that you're playing, well we must get more acquainted
because it has to be so lonely, to be the only one who's holy
it's just my humble opinion, but it's one that i believe in
you don't deserve a point of view, if the only thing you see is you

4. Brick by Boring Brick // 9,92. ah ONE OF MY FAVORITE, even the clip is really cute though for a very energetic rock song. this song is a proof that a progressive rock song can have a poetic lyrics too. very brilliant. very brilliant. (full of metaphors, but really, really on point).
5. Turn It Off // 8,7. i'll turn it off, in all my spite. in all my spite, i'll turn it off. :)
6. The Only Exception // 8,9. the song somehow fits my stories so much but then it gets overrated just maybe bcs it was the one of very few paramore's song that sounds poppy. but i love it tho. who doesnt?
7. Feeling Sorry // 9,5. the lyrics man, so personal and real u feel like telling a specific story of yours.
8. Looking Up // 9,7. God know the world doesnt need another band, who-o-a who-o-a.... another story-telling one, i really love it.
9. Where the Lines Overlap // 9,95. one of my favorite!!! story-telling as always, and the melodies just sounds so alive and emotional in its own way. now i've got a feelin if i sang this loud enough, you would sing it back to me. no one is as lucky as us! we're not at the end but oh we already won :))
10. Misguided Ghosts // 9. time to calm down with a good lyrical pleasures..
11. All I Wanted // 8. yes i'm out of word now.

paramore (self-titled)
after the farro bros' farewell, this album looked like losing the usual, energetic paramore. some of em sound slighty monotone and less complex, even poppy without hayley's high notes.
1. Fast in My Car
2. Now
3. Grow Up
4. Daydreaming
5. Interlude: Moving On // 9,8. basically (poor me, stupid me, it's all there but idk where have i been) i just realized it was all about the band's response to farro bros who left the band 3 years before. but it sounds so good and easy-listening and provocative and yea i'm out of words now.
6. Ain't It Fun // 9. every single word in the lyrics is very, very on point.
7. Part II
8. Last Hope
9. Still Into You // 9,2. yah, finally, one sweet song again!
10. Anklebiters // 8,9. very provocative yet enjoyable.
11. Interlude: Holiday // 8,6. effortlessly enjoyable. a bit jazzy and poppy but still very paramore.
12. Proof // 9. ah i love this song. the lyrics suits ldr couple (or just some ordinary couples who are lack of trust to each other). tbh i miss farro's noise in some parts. they would've actually filled some holes there.
13. Hate to See Your Heart Break // 8,4. one poppy song wouldnt hurt. they're still paramore.
14. (One of Those) Crazy Girls // 8,4. weird one but still pretty enjoyable though.
15. Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore // 8,9. hahah nice one
16. Be Alone
17. Future // 8. trippy and nostalgic. in its own way.
18. Escape Route
19. Native Tongue // 8,4. i love the drums and melodies.
20. Tell Me It's Okay // 8,3. listening to this song makes me feel like listening to japanese alt bands idk why.

and, btw, the other reason is, it represents the way i feel about myself right here right now.

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