Coincidence or intentional destiny?

What I wanna share now is a.. semi paradox self-thought. A bit complex thought.

Many people keep praying for the best they can get. Sometimes for others, sometimes it's merely theirs. Tuhan, aku pingin ke ITB. Tuhan aku pingin masuk UI. Tuhan izinkan aku masuk pilihan pertamaku. Kenapa aku ambil contohnya soal undangan (apa undian?) soalnya ya kamu berebut kan. You have this thing called chance and it has its limited slot. Gak mungkin dong kamu doain semua orang masuk tapi kamu sendiri enggak. Jahatnya, mungkin ada juga orang yang menimbang-nimbang (termasuk aku sih ga munafik ya) gimana sih yang pada mau masuk situ? Am I commensurable enough? Or should i move?

We always want an involved part in building this brighter future for our society. This is sorta good point to turn the tide. Wait. Involved?

First, what's your point upon the word luck, fortune or suchlike? Most of you probably think it was your luck when you won a game, a blessing through your attainment, a worthy gift you've been desiring, your granted sacrifice, etc. But then where are others' when it is once yours? is it a God-bless-you but none of theirs? so they're not blessed? but isnt it, God bless all the people? If it was a reply for your prayer, isnt it everyone else prayed the same?

Holy ones, the sinners, the badass, the smart one, the atheist, whatever your belief is, He loves you. We're all  breathing. We keeps thinking. Some praise Him some try to find Him.

We all have our own plate. We eat what we take. At times we shared. But in fact we are all really sharing this world of intentionally destiny or what we usually called as coincidence. God didn't choose any prayer or wish to be granted. Excellent. He has the infinite justice.

If you think you're luckier than your opponent, maybe yes. But it's not as He was on your side. Instead, He was on the both side. But you said you won?

Here is my thought.

We cant live this life offhand. We cant just let everything happens autouniversed, by its fate. Nothing would just come out from nowhere rite. People need to prepare something, they need to consider anything, plan it, and fight for what they think worth it. But only God knows.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you're still on the same universe here, let me wake you up.

We're actually living on one big plan. When this is happening, every step we take affects other step of other people's. This other people's step affects another one's and it continues like a domino effect which has no beginning or end. We're all connected. maybe not that close, but there live over seven billion people and this chain of plans keep making me, you, and all the people happening. We keep praying, struggling, wanting and trying, exerting, laboring, we appreciate thing, make values and this society.

Once you got a bad day, maybe somebody else was enjoying a very beatified day. But then someone else come to you to make you happy. You love, then build a family. At the end, you know why things happen. Maybe if you were not sad that day you wouldn't be this way and so on.

So, uh-uh. Keep believing, keep aiming, keep trying. Perhaps you won't know what happens to other people, to your future. God no sleep baby. Be grateful, everything happens really for a reason.

This art of mystery keeps our faith. What a sublime idea He has made then :)


  1. Harus diakui iya. Tapi sometimes 'infinite justice' nya Tuhan tubrukan sama 'infinite time' nya Tuhan. Semua doa dikabulin, tinggal waktunya. LOVEE YOUR BLOG. NGECEK NYARIS TIAP HARI.

    1. TADI I HAVEN'T DONE YIN. My connection make a sudden BANG. Continue reading pls :)

  2. Eaa. Lolololol. Pantesan kok last sentence nya 'here is my thot' dan aku questioning 'mana?' Hahahahaha

    1. Hehehe glad to know that. I always wish that amount of visitors really mean something. But they always come with numbers, with no left comments or any hi.. so thank you!

    2. Anw when will u be leaving indo? Omg Netherlands is so cool dude! im always dreaming of Europe for college life yin and you make me soooo so envy to death. i wish my batch had those open recruitment for the program. envyyyy envyyyyy whoah whoah. nope. catch up soon! Just, dont dissipate europe, or you'll regret it.

  3. August. Hehe. Bakal harus rela ngerogoh kocek buat travelling atau makan2. But its okay. Tp belanda sm germany deket loh. Kan mbak pipod ainun. Hahaaahahahaha.
    Oh ya congratulation udah graduate! Mas ayik showed me ur mom ystrday, DUDEEE SHE LOOKED AWESOME!

    1. Ainun palelo hahahahahahah thank you anyway. ngerasa tua iya, degdegan cari kuliah iya. ya nasib being a graduate. well thank you for those songs, fyi, some made my cry.
      Mom, like everyone was talking bt her -_- haha she always changes her haircut every three months btw..